What Are Wild Horse and Crazy Horse Stones?

There are some really interesting stones that are used in jewelry called “wild horse” and “crazy horse“.

The one commonly called Wild Horse is usually found in Native American made jewelry.

According to Stones N Silver:  “Wild Horse is the name given to this stone, whose geological name is magnesite which is a mixture magnesite/hematite. A fairly new stone that was discovered in the mid-90’s near the Globe copper mine in the Gila wilderness area of southern Arizona. Some have called it Wild Horse Turquoise but it is NOT turquoise! Since so far, there only seems to be one source for Wild Horse and also because of it’s beauty . . . it has retains a high value and is a remarkably popular.”

Mike Block, author of TURQUOISE Mines, Mineral & Wearable Art would disagree.

He has a photograph on page 61 a silver cuff bracelet and on page 62 there are various Navajo made pendants with  stones that he calls Wild Horse turquoise. He says that they came from the Fox turquoise mine which is also “called White Horse Fox for the region in Lander County where this high-grade blue gem is found.”

His book, TURQUOISE Mines, Minerals & Wearable art
is an excellent resource to help in identifying different types of turquoise and what mines they came from.  It also has a price guide for the jewelry it features in beautiful full color photographs.Fox Wild Horse Turquoise

Fox Wild Horse Turquoise

Crazy Horse is actually a type of limestone. Every piece is incredibly unique with “crazy” designs and patterns in colors of light grays, mauves and wines; sometimes a golden tan and black.

Crazy Horse stone with red jasper and fresh water pearls on Etsy

Now you know the difference between wild horse and crazy horse and what type of stones they are.


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